There's no greater fullback to get a BPL side

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It's still another special back to think about, but is James Tavernier worth the 180k asking price?

Let's begin with.the league and country combination. The Scottish Premier League won't be the league of choice for many FUT supervisors, but Taverniers English nationality works flawlessly for all those BPL hybrids.

The card itself is spectacular. Every one of Tavernier's six base stats have been 80+ ranked - headed by 94-rated pace and 90-rated physical - which is having the capability to develop even futher!H/M work rates are fantastic for anyone who enjoys their fullback to bomb down the ideal flank, whilst 3*/3* is great enough for a fullback.Headliners cards have the potential to rise even futher if the player picks up additional special cards throughout the entire year by continuing their fine real life form.

There's no greater fullback to get a BPL side.There's a whole plethora of high-rated challenges out at the moment, here's the lowest priced players to utilize.

With ICON SBC's, Headliner battles and the Team of the Year (TOTY) event in route, it's imperative you know the cheapest, top rated players are!Thankfully, we have got you covered.

It is all good and well stacking out your team using 84 and 85 rated players, but it will work out much cheaper if it's possible to slide a few 86/87-rated players in there.Here are the most affordable available on cheap FIFA Mobile Coins the industry at this time.