Havent played Runescape

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I really don't think that it's just graphics, I think that it's also a factor of RS gold the amount of content already present in the game. Realistically, RS3 entire has much more information and is significantly more complex than OSRS. Making something new that will fit in with a meta without being super OP is much harder in RS3 than OSRS. We must bear in mind that before OSRS even came out, RS3 had nearly 7 decades of upgrades in addition to it. This is 7 decades of further content the devs have to operate around to get this content completed. While OSRS may have more limited tools, I still think they game they're working with makes it much simpler for them to output material faster.Using ibans team is Pretty fast I believe, and I 200 barrows runs Got me from 56 magical to 72. Oh yeah I run that too and its gotten me to 79 pretty well and that could be the count that get per hour but idk since ive never actually paid attention to how many I perform. With trident I can do it in 5 minutes while not fully focussed, portal and pool back to barrows so like 12 an hour. It is very afk and enjoyable to perform.

For real what bullshit... this dude'd 44rc. It takes months to get sufficient genie lamps for that xp. I consider myself relatively new to OSRS compared to lots of people, but I've played a LOT since I began last November.

Havent played Runescape because I was 10. Played until mid May because I have burnt (1670 complete and 230 QP afterward ).

Geez guy how many hours can you perform day? Quarantine man, I'm in a similar boat to the man you are replying to. A good deal of that is fairly afk skilling but I am something like 1650 total, 255 qp, ~35m complete xp... And that's all while working a wfh job this summer! It's not too crazy but I certainly spend a great deal of time online.

Person that is not even that bad honestly lmaoooo my first 6 months of osrs I clocked 100 times played like 180 days of RuneScape gold buy account age, something around there. I believe I was averaging just like 11-14 hours every day. Glad I'm not quite that barbarous anymore.Im seeking to start barrows shortly also, mind showing your full gear and inv loadout? I have no idea what im doing, I recommend finding a movie og or utilizing the wiki going more in depth.