Today Age is most likely the least reliable metric on YouTube

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That reminds me RuneScape gold there's another theme where it feels the beings are connected and cause a feedback impact, like. All the desert monkeys and the heart, Elidnis and the river, telos lost one of their senses when Apmeken failed, when Crondis failed, the crocodiles became greedy, and when Het had been missing, people started to have health. So here is my concept.

The template is an elder artifact that can use 1 or more creatures/things as blue prints to produce. The template would be for taking the different elements and combining them to make something with the possessions of both 36, where the mirror was for replicating things throughout world creation.

The template was used by somebody Tumeken but I am skeptical, to create Elidnis in the river. Maybe no one used it even maybe the artifact only was running and created its own thing. When Tumeken fulfilled Elidnis he gained control of the template and discovered. Both wanted children so they used part of themselves, a cat, and a dog in the template. These beings possessed traits of the creatures they had been established but also some power in.

Later on for reasons not known to us his own character was utilized by Tumeken more with all the template and 4 animals. Scarabs Humans, and Monkeys to make this desert pantheon's gods. Afterwards Tumeken blew himself and Elidnis was banished by Guthix, but their kids were permitted to stay. Amascut seized her chance to try and bring destruction and war into the desert although the lesser gods foiled her plans so that she needed to do something.

The template I believe had a negative effect where the creature used to make it can have its consequences responses in. By making, so weakening health and Het sick plagues began to influence the desert people closest to him. If she hurt Apmeken desert monkeys felt that the impact of sound, sight, or speech. When she left Crondis greedy it turned the crocodiles greedy. However she could never locate Scabaras so she needed to resort to some more lengthy strategy to attempt to corrupt them. This manner the gods that brought peace to the desert brought destruction. It went a step Amascut also employed the template herself. She took her essence that was corrupt and mixed and voice of Apmeken and it utilizing the template.RuneScape Demographics Analytics

I finally have a lot of data stored up so I though it would be interesting to observe the demographics of my viewers as its likely large enough to be near the real demographics of RS (though as I am a small station I have a tendency to lean certain ways due to how hard it's to find me).All info is from the previous 90 days unless otherwise defined, covering 282,335 views. They become to the RS demographics as mentioned above I think as they get more mainstream and the channels will have a female participation. Jagex said it was 85 percent a couple years ago (no source sorry) and I've seen as my subscriber count has gone up so has my female viewership (relatively).

Today Age is most likely the least reliable metric on YouTube as its based on the date of arrival when you create the accounts and we all know that if we had balances and we're under 18 we put a birthday which made us over 18 to access all that"mature content" Its is the category like I expected it to be the category. Signapore sticks out as the only Asian nation. Interesting note, that individuals who watch on TV/Console on typical watch for 2.5x more than those on their mobile phone. The console is  OSRS Money more annoying to click off.