Do this before Smithing is at Lvl 15.

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During"The RuneScape gold Temple in Senntisten", you help Azzanadra, disguised as Dr. Nabanik, to reestablish the zarosian temple under the Digsite. Once that's completed, Azzanadra employs the Communion Portal by the altar to communicate with Zaros. Though he is not back yet, Azzanadra will still continue to get him, to get more details of what he must do to bring him back to Gielinor. What he plans we don't know yet, as he instructed Azzanadra to keep it a secret - but we will find out, eventually, for it appears we're to play a role in it. Yes, Zaros needs us. However, for what, only time will tell...

You might or might not keep in mind that I've made a thread on the topic March this year, in regards to the Q&A which has been released then, at which Paul and many others hinted at Zaros' return. I am pleased to have been correct. Thus, what are your ideas on this?

Mining And Smithing Guide 1-99


Fundamentally, mining should only be utilized at the start of your smithing, or if you do not mind wasting time mining and would like to save some money.

If you would like to just mine, you ought to know that lvl 85 (Unless your following the mining skillcape) is ok to get to. At lvl 85, you can mine any ore you desire.

Do this before Smithing is at Lvl 15.

This is not recommended because iron does not always earn a pub.

I did so and it's the worst way to reach lvl 31.

Rather, do The Knight's Sword pursuit, it is simple to do and gets your smithing lvl into 31 shortly after you finish it.

Levels 31-99:

By this time, you should buy a little bit of iron and coal and start smelting bars (be sure that you purchase OSRS Gold For Sale the amount of iron in coal, e.g. 15 iron, 30 coal).